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Мониторный сетап Marilyn Manson

Вот нарыл такой сетап. Я думаю, интересно должно быть. Переводить лень, да и так всё понятно.

1. Shure Beta-58A wireless mic
2. Crown CM-311A headworn mic. Fitted to W.W. II-style flight helmet. Used for one song per set.
3. Shure SM89 shotgun mic. Adds audience and ambient sounds to monitor mix.
4. Instrument feed from rest of band.
5. Shure U4D wireless receiver. Picks up wireless mic signal.
6. Summit Audio TLA-100A tube leveling amplifier. Compresses Manson's vocal signal before it goes to the mixer.
7. Yamaha SPX990 effects processor. Used for reverb in the monitor mix.
8. Eventide H3000. Harmonizer used for doubling in the monitor mix.
9. Midas XL-4 console. Used for mixing monitors.
10. Shure PSM 700 transmitter. Sends monitor mix to Manson's beltpack receiver and then into his in-ear monitors.
11. Ultimate Ears Pro 5 in-ear monitors. Ears get full mix minus overheads and clicks.
12. Crown stereo power amps for monitors (2)
13. Back-fill wedges.
14. Wedge monitors.
Tags: practice make perfect

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